Break through the technical barriers of circulating water treatment and crack the water code
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    King Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd is a technical team at the forefront of high-end automation equipment. We provide high-quality, cutting-edge, high-tech full-servo robots, in-mold inlay robots, mold protection monitors, electrolytic ultrasonic mold cleaning machines and other advanced automation equipment and consumables. With the business philosophy of “service quality professional”, we create the perfect value for our customers.

    Choice is greater than effort.

    With the advancement of science and technology and the development of society, people’s demands for efficiency and quality have become increasingly severe. The waste of a large amount of labor has become a thing of the past, and the era of automation has arrived. How to truly improve efficiency and improve quality has become a hundred-year plan for every enterprise. Our Jinggong Automation brings the most perfect solution for everyone.

    Corporate mission: Freeing your hands, changing for me
    Development concept: leading technology and unlimited packaging
    Quality policy: Quality as the root, people-oriented
    Talent theory: loyalty first, professional first
    Service spirit: Happy to work hard, be bold and enterprising
    Core values: service, quality, professionalism
    Enterprise efficiency: To the cost of technology, to the benefit of management
    Company vision: Let each company improve efficiency and improve quality
    Core Competence: Mastering core technologies and integrating core products, we provide the most perfect solution for everyone.

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